Guiding Principles

Our Mission

Jimerson Birr is a Florida-based law firm that seeks to exceed client expectations through commitment to excellence and by adding value to our clients’ businesses. We are committed to handling each matter with the same quality, care, attention to detail and respect as if we were representing ourselves. We are accessible, responsible, prepared, efficient and technologically advanced. Our clients and colleagues value us because they trust our integrity and abilities.

Our Vision

We endeavor to utilize our collective experience to provide personalized solutions to the challenges our clients face in doing business, from corporate formation to wind down and everything in between. Our firm seeks to be flexible in the way we offer uniquely tailored legal counsel and the way we are compensated for our work. Each of our lawyers is their own sophisticated brand, trained to practice law in a creative and efficient manner designed to get results. At our core, we are fundamentally focused on redefining what it means to provide exceptional professional services to our clientele at a competitive market rate.

Delivering quality legal services that our clients truly value means understanding their business, caring for their needs, being invested in their success, and supporting them to achieve their objectives. Combining technical expertise with commercial wisdom enables our lawyers and staff to turn the most complex questions into the clearest answers. Our lawyers and staff will approach each matter we handle with an invigorated, pragmatic business style geared towards distilling complexity and providing clear-cut solutions for our diverse and select client base.

Our vision is to be a leading business law firm in the Southeast U.S. with unrestricted legal capability and capacity. We will do this by only hiring people who love practicing law and then empowering them to grow and to achieve great things for our clients in an extensile, dynamic and supportive environment. Passion, aptitude and a deep understanding of business and people is the powerful mix we will bring to every engagement. Delivering measurable value is at the heart of Jimerson Birr’s offering. We ask the right questions, listen intently and focus not just on what clients want, but how they want it. The information we glean from collaborative representation and goal alignment will help our clients recognize where they are, where they want to be, and where they could be.

Core values

Commitment to service. Commitment to quality. Commitment to results.

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