Professional Development

Jimerson Birr is committed to the continuing professional growth of our lawyers and staff. We are proud of our extensive attorney training and development programs, which are geared toward supporting the development of our lawyers through each stage of a lawyer’s career. Through tailored programming and coaching, we focus on key skill sets for all lawyers and create timely curriculum around current topics and trends. We place a heavy emphasis on practice skill development, understanding the business of our firm and our clientele, performance standards, business development and client service — all critical to success in today’s commercial environment.

To ensure that our lawyers acquire the essential skills they need to practice law effectively, the firm has established a formal professional development program, administered by our Professional Development Committee. The Professional Development Committee is charged with ensuring that our professionals satiate their thirst for the law and learn how to translate that knowledge to effective client services. Through the firm’s Professional Development Committee, we offer comprehensive training and career development programs for our attorneys that include valuable work experience, a wide variety of educational programs, practice resources, area of law specific training, guidelines for achieving core competencies, and individualized professional development through evaluations, feedback, mentoring, and career planning.

The Jimerson Birr Training Room

During the spring of 2011, Jimerson Birr opened its state-of-the-art training room, which is used for trial preparation sessions, speaking engagements, training and seminars. The training room gives our lawyers and clients a competitive edge, including the opportunity to refine their advocacy skills in a stadium seating learning environment designed to respond/adapt to the latest trends in courtroom technology.

An Ongoing Legal Education

As part of our own learning experience, we have specific programs in place to educate our clients and colleagues on cutting edge legal developments through Jimerson Birr blog postings and speaking engagements. Our speeches and legal publications are designed to share our practice specific expertise with those who can best utilize the information. As a firm, and as individuals, we are stewards of the industries in which we practice. We feel that with success comes responsibility, and we take our professional responsibilities and obligations of continuing legal education very seriously.

Jimerson Birr believes that the professional development, training and mentoring of each of our attorneys is vital to our overall growth as a firm and success of the clients we serve. We foster an environment where our attorneys can flourish within their chosen practice through programs that range from internal or external continuing legal education, speaking engagements,  required scholarly publishing, community and professional organization involvement, hands-on technology training and periodic ethics workshops. For more information about Jimerson Birr, P.A. seminars or legal education presentations contact

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