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Protection From False Claims Act In Construction

By Harry M. Wilson IV, Esq. and James D. Stone III

The False Claims Act (FCA) dates back to 1863 and was originally intended to fight fraud by defense contractors. The large majority of the cases filed over the past few years have involved medical and pharmaceutical claims. However, with the recent changes in the FCA lowering the standards needed to file suit and the increase in federally funded spending on construction projects there is a strong possibility of increased FCA claims in the construction industry by current and former disgruntled employees. With the increased possibility for these FCA claims the best way to protect your business is to first understand the basics of the FCA and then to establish a good compliance system. Read Full Post

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An Overview of Condominium Liens in Florida

By Harry M. Wilson, IV, Esq.

Condominium liens are strong tools granted by statute to condominium associations to ensure that unit owners timely pay their assessments for common expenses. The following is an overview of the basic premises of condo lien enforcement and defenses in Florida. Read Full Post

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