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Substitute Service on Nonresident Through the Secretary of State

By: James D. Stone, III, Esq.

So you have made the decision to go through with a law suit against an individual or entity debtor that owes you money and are ready to effectuate service of process. But what happens when the debtor does not reside in Florida or is concealing its where abouts? Generally, Florida law requires that process be served personally upon a person. Fla. Stat. § 48.031(1)(a) (2008). However in some limited circumstances, Florida law permits service of process by substitute methods of service. These alternate methods of service are especially implicated in situations where attempts to locate a defendant fail. One of these methods is service upon the Secretary of State of Florida. However, this method of service is limited to specific circumstances defined by statute. To read more click the title. . . Read Full Post

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