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Commercial Evictions in Florida: What No Landlord Wants to Go Through, but What Every Landlord Needs to Know

It’s an unfortunate but harsh reality for commercial landlords. You will inevitably face an eviction situation at some point during your ownership of commercial property.  However, while no landlord wants to experience an eviction scenario, you should be prepared for … Read Full Post

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Implied Warranty of Building in Accordance with Permitted Plans and Specifications

In Florida, contractors have an implied duty to build in accordance with the plans and specifications filed with the local building authority—the permit set. If a contractor deviates from the permit set of plan and specs, the contractor may be liable to any party damaged by the deviation. Read Full Post

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It’s not over until it’s over: In Florida, the foreign corporation can be served through the registered agent until the corporation has physically received the certificate of withdrawal

To bring a suit against a foreign corporation, or anyone for that matter, the court must be a “proper venue” for the suit. Essentially, just because a state has jurisdiction does not mean that a plaintiff can pick whichever court he wants. Without a proper venue, the lawsuit cannot proceed. Read Full Post

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Condominium Development: Condominium Prospectus Requirements in Florida

Florida’s condominium market has gained strength in the past five years; traditional sales are up, and prices are rising.  In Northeast Florida, Condominiums and Townhomes spent an average of 11 fewer days on the market than single-family detached homes.  As … Read Full Post

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Prescribed Burning of Land in Florida

Prescribed burning can present complex legal issues touching on property rights, safety concerns, public health, negligence and regulatory hurdles. Read Full Post

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