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Are Attorney’s Fees Available for Fraudulent Transfers in Florida?

Florida’s Uniform Fraudulent Transfer Act (“FUFTA”) provides creditors with various remedies. See Charles B. Jimerson’s blog post on the various remedies under FUFTA, Remedies for Creditors Under FUFTA Chapter 726 – Part I: Who May Be Liable. However, while FUFTA … Read Full Post

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Prohibitions Against “SLAPP” Suits: What Associations and Their Managers Need to Know

Both the Florida Homeowners’ Association Act and the Condo Act contain prohibitions against so-called “SLAPP” suits; SLAPP stands for “Strategic Lawsuits Against Public Participation”. The condominium anti-SLAPP suit statute is found at §718.1224 and the homeowners’ anti-SLAPP suit statute is … Read Full Post

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