Administrative Law and Licensing

Professionals often spend years obtaining the necessary education and credentials to obtain professional licensing and/or certification. If a license or certification is in jeopardy, the career, livelihood and professional reputation of the licensee may be at risk. It is important to work with an experienced lawyer to protect your future. Jimerson Birr have intimate knowledge of state licensure boards and when facing a government agency, you need lawyers who understand what is at stake and can either work with government or challenge it. We take this role seriously, because what is often at stake is our client’s business.

Jimerson Birr attorneys who practice in the administrative law and licensing practice group will collaborate with other attorneys in the firm to address the procedural and substantive issues of your case. Whether your licensing case involves one area of law or many, an administrative lawyer is an important member of the team who clarifies issues, assesses regulatory concerns and weighs legal risks. In the end, experience and analytical thinking lead to smart decisions that can protect your business and improve it.

Jimerson Birr represents licensees in the following areas:

  • Administrative hearings
  • Appellate review of administrative action
  • Licensing, variances and declaratory statement request
  • Initial licensing, additional entity qualifying and other approvals
  • Professional discipline hearings, formal and informal.
  • Rulemaking hearings, including petitions, challenges & waivers

We believe our experience and the high satisfaction of our clients speak for themselves, and we welcome the opportunity to service your licensing and administrative law needs. For more information about our practice, or to discuss your legal concerns with a lawyer who understands licensing issues, contact our offices today.