Corporate Formation, Transactions and Operations

Jimerson Birr will walk you through all the important considerations of business start-up, including choice of entity, ownership agreements, employee concerns, management structure and exit strategies. Jimerson Birr provides legal advice, document drafting and representation of businesses, corporations, partnerships, incorporators, shareholders, directors, employees, partners, officers, buyers, sellers, lenders and borrowers in Florida regarding the following business and corporate legal matters:

  • Formation and maintenance of corporation (incorporation, articles of incorporation, bylaws, minutes, resolutions, amended articles, amended bylaws, and reinstatement)
  • Formation of limited liability company LLC (articles of organization, operating agreements, minutes)
  • Formation of partnership (partnership agreement)
  • Asset protection planning, bankruptcy, creditor debtor negotiations, collections
  • Dissolution of corporation (articles of dissolution, termination agreement, and disputes)
  • Dissolution of partnership (termination agreement, winding up, and disputes)
  • Sale and purchase of business (due diligence, contract for sale and purchase, bill of sale, assignment, and closing)
  • Legal questions in business operations (legal questions and answers that arise in operating all kinds of businesses, such as manufacturers, lenders, construction contractors, franchisees, etc.)
  • Prevention of legal problems (preventative legal advice, legal document review, legal checklists)
  • Fictitious name (registration & litigation of fictitious name)
  • Contract drafting and review (sale, purchase, exchange, goods, services, employment, consultant, independent contractor, agency, advertising, broker, commission, arbitration, assignment, licenses, construction, building, subcontract, guaranty, warranty, indemnification, release, and bill of sale)
  • Loan documentation (promissory note, mortgage, security agreement, UCC filings, loan agreements, and closing statements)
  • Account collection, breach of contract suits, creditor and debtor disputes
  • Copyright, trademark, trade dress, trade secrets, and intellectual property

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