Records Management and Document Retention Law

Well thought out and systematically implemented records management and document retention policies and programs are essential for an entity’s operational functions and legal compliance requirements. Many business, regulatory and legal considerations must be factored into the establishment and implementation of records management and document retention policies- all decisions which have lasting implications and potential lingering liability.

Jimerson Birr attorneys routinely assist companies in forming and implementing records management and document retention policies that consider industry specific regulatory guidelines, common law and statutory legal requirements and practical considerations that defer to the operational needs of our clients in making policy decisions.

Our firm’s records management and document retention legal services include:

  • Comprehensive information governance program development
  • Systemic records retention program development and management
  • Creation of legally-defensible records retention and destruction schedules
  • Litigation hold implementation and management
  • Legal advisement on statutes, rules, and regulations impacting your particular industry

Like it or not, we now live in a business world that promulgates new federal and state regulatory requirements on an annual basis. To keep up with these requirements and mitigate any liability that may be acquired from recalcitrance, it is critical that companies assess their records management compliance obligations and capabilities to stay abreast of an ever changing legal and business environment. The increasing use of electronic records storage and the ever-evolving importance of e-discovery in litigation provides further impetus for business organizations to develop efficient solutions to archive, store, and access electronic records. Jimerson Birr attorneys assist business organizations in developing a records management and document retention program that will be geared towards the bottom line and will potentially save thousands or millions of dollars by streamlining storage protocols and reducing the warehousing of unnecessary data.

Jimerson Birr attorneys recognize the importance of data privacy and cybersecurity and have experience drafting and implementing policies, contracts and legal documents to assist our clients in the legally compliant and defensible fortification of our clients’ confidential and proprietary information, including their intellectual property and trade secrets. We work with our clients to enact and enforce policies and procedures that are cost-effective, turn-key and impenetrable.

Jimerson Birr attorneys recognize and appreciate that finding retention solutions that meet both business and legal needs is of key importance to our clients. We are available to support business entities through the process of creating and implementing records management policies. For more information about our practice, or to discuss your legal concerns with a lawyer who understands information governance and records management, contact our offices today.

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