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Liens and Distress Actions

December 22, 2020 FAQs Real Estate Development, Sales & Leasing

Q: What is the landlord’s lien for rent? A: Section 83.08, Florida Statutes, provides that a landlord has a lien for unpaid rent upon the tenant’s personal property. The lien is upon all agricultural products raised on the rented property, upon all other property of the tenant “usually kept on […]

Definitions and Requirements for Florida Mortgages

November 20, 2020 FAQs Banking and Financial Services

Q: What is the Florida definition of a mortgage and debt? A: The word “mortgage” shall mean any written instrument securing the payment of money or advances and includes liens to secure payment of assessments arising under Florida Statutes Chapters 718 and 719 and liens created pursuant to the recorded covenants […]

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