Value Through Superior Service

Jimerson Birr clients can expect value to be added to their business due to our superior service commitment. Our mission is to place the highest priority on client service and, as a result, to become the highest quality provider of legal services to our clients, regardless of their size or location. In order to provide the counsel our clients deserve, we endeavor to understand exactly what matters to them and what their goals are.

To ensure our firm-wide service standards are met, we have created our own set of benchmarks that we call our “Superior Service Commitments.” By employing this set of service values, we are able to provide our clients with tailored business solutions and a competitive edge.

Superior Service Commitments

  1. Client defined value: At the outset of each engagement, we will discuss client expectations, including client business objectives, goals, timeline, staffing, budgets, and preferred means for communicating. We will use the information we gather to anticipate continuing needs of our clients. We will offer value-added services and continually seek ways to improve our clients’ businesses and our relationships with them. We will provide value to our clients above and beyond our legal work by helping them meet their goals, overcome unique challenges, and establish a new set of goals beyond those we just mutually achieved.
  2. Accessibility: Clients will always be able to reach us. Clients can expect prompt and professional responses from us. Clients should never be hesitant to communicate with us.
  3. Service details matter:  As just a small part of our commitment to superior service, our attorneys will: greet our clients with a smile, return all client calls and emails within 24 hours, express empathy and commitment to our clients, carry themselves the way Atticus Finch would, dress the part, under promise and over-deliver, be on time, keep their word, perform at least one legal task per month free of charge for each ongoing matter, be proactive, promptly resolve issues as they arise, represent our clients as if they were representing themselves, know our clients on a personal level, visit our clients at their place of business, and anticipate status update requests through regular progress reporting.
  4. Meaningful partnership: We believe in striking a partnership with our clients. Our engagements start with creating a shared vision and mission. We make sure our client’s needs and expectations are addressed through consistent, open and honest communication throughout the life of the engagement. Through our experience, we have learned that a meaningful lawyer-client partnership requires us to: be flexible, keep an open mind, magnify strengths and support limitations, be the best communicator possible, establish a consensus on a shared vision, ensure both parties are committed and accountable, be patient, empower our clients to be a part of the solution and leverage our firm resources with those of our clients.
  5. Exceptional communication: We listen well. We have great memories. We comprehend the written and spoken language of our clients. We think and analyze clearly. We express our legal opinions and give counsel in concise terms. We write plainly and competently. We interpret all non-verbal cues. We respect our clients and work to win their confidence. We seek to understand so that we can be understood. We ensure our delivery is as compelling as our message.
  6. Efficient practice of law: We commit to staffing each case or matter with attorneys and client teams that are best qualified to deliver efficient and cost-effective business solutions. We conduct early and frequent matter assessments in order to provide our clients with consistent feedback on the risks and estimated costs associated with engagements. Jimerson Birr attorneys will budget and manage our work in a way that makes our client’s fees predictable and affordable.
  7. Accountability: With every move we make in an engagement, we require our lawyers to ask themselves: Is this decision or action geared towards obtaining the favorable outcome we identified at matters inception? To ensure we stay results driven, we simply define the intended results and maintain accountability. Instead of establishing vague expectations, we push to clearly define specific, measurable results as early as possible. We aim for our clients to establish results we can actually track. Once well-prepared and empirically measurable results are established, our lawyers maintain a commitment to implement these results. Our firm regularly holds accountability meetings to ensure that the commitments made by our lawyers to our clients on specific matters are lived up to. These meetings have changed our firm to one that insists that optimal results come from competition and personal accountability. These meetings and this firm philosophy ensures our clients’ results match our efforts.

Our commitment to superior services has enabled us to achieve favorable results for clients under the most contentious circumstances both inside and outside the courtroom. Our attorneys have been recognized for their outstanding professional skills and abilities by numerous professional organizations and trade organizations. Among the firm’s unique strengths are its corps of research analysts, extensive legal library and cutting-edge technology focused on litigation support and work product security and continuity. In addition, Jimerson Birr attorneys are committed to staying current on legal trends through continuing legal education.  The full range of services and specialized practice areas make Jimerson Birr a regional legal leader with global reach.

We encourage you to help us further our commitment to client service by completing the feedback survey on our website.

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