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Communications & Media Overview

Jimerson Birr’s Communications and Media Industry Team endeavors to support our clients in a way that makes a “one-stop-shop” for regulatory, operational and legal issues affecting the rights and opportunities of those in the industry floating the spoken and written word. With advancements in technology, publicizing, connecting, and branding, the industry is replete with new growth and risk paradigms for executive teams to manage.  Our model is predicated on providing pragmatic, creative solutions to legal problems, so that the clients we serve can speak for themselves.

Corporate Growth and Protection

Our attorneys are regularly relied upon to counsel clients on successful programs to best guard their legal rights related to copyright, trademark, trade secret and other valuable IP assets in a competitive digital marketplace. At Jimerson Birr, intellectual property acquisition, enforcement, commercialization and dispute resolution is a specialty. IP can appreciate in value over time. The more your business’ reputation and brand grows, the more valuable your company will be; so long as rights are preserved. In addition to offering comprehensive corporate and intellectual property protection services, our attorneys advise communicators on business matters, such as streamlining processes and providing management tools and techniques designed to improve profitability by reducing risk while promoting efficiencies. We can advise you on structuring a deal, can draft and negotiate all types of agreements, and answer any day-to-day business affairs queries.

Litigating With a Sword and Shield

We work closely with industry executives and creatives on content matters to minimize legal and regulatory risk, and defend content producers when they come under attack. Jimerson Birr zealously advocates in all forms of industry-focused litigation, including representing companies, boards of directors and talent. Communications and media companies operate for profit, and a legal dispute is rarely a source for profit. Litigated disputes demand realistic and prompt resolution, minimizing loss or damage to the company and those that own, activate or operate it. Sometimes litigation is inevitable, like situations where the opposing party is acting unreasonably or the viability of the business is at stake. In those circumstances, wherever possible, we look for solutions and deliverances that resolve the dispute early to avoid lengthy and costly litigation. 

If litigation does endure, we understand that our clients still have a business to run. We work closely with our clients to develop a plan to allow the business to move forward during the litigation while managing the case. Through the legal process, we counsel our clients in managing the risks that endanger their companies and making prudent business decisions that preserve their market positions. We are flexible in approach and venue, as we are equipped to problem solve in any forum, whether in trial court, arbitrations, mediations, or in private negotiations. Our clients choose us to handle their high-stakes litigation because of our ability to resolve exceedingly complex and contested matters successfully. Our lawyers are in court nearly every single day and we understand the finer details involved in complex commercial litigation. Thanks to our extensive trial experience and expertise, our team is able to take any case as far as it goes and rise to meet any challenge that may come along the way.

Who We Serve

  • Print Media Companies (Newspaper, Books, Magazines)
  • Broadcast Media Companies (Television, Radio, Video)
  • Internet Media Companies (Online Content, Forums, and Networks)


Jimerson Birr recognizes that companies in the risky, complex, and fast-paced communications sector depend on sound counsel for mission-critical operational, legal and regulatory issues. We are committed to the goal of helping communications and media executives mitigate risk and prevent problems before they arise or escalate. 

  • We stay fully apprised of changes to communications and media laws and industry trends in order to proactively keep our clients protected and informed through our educational efforts and industry wide training initiatives.
  • We draft and prepare contract documents in a manner that will make the language more understandable, address the primary risks of your particular business and project, and bring the documents into compliance with changes in law or trends in the industry.
  • Our dedication to efficient and cost-conscious practice of law, in conjunction with innovative and flexible compensation terms, enable us to help communications executives effectively plan and maintain their budgets without surprise.
  • We have the resources and bandwidth to address legal issues which may occur in the everyday management and operation of the business.

Our Communications and Media Industry Attorneys cover all aspects of a company’s legal needs, with specialty service offerings centered around:

  • Communication and Media Law Compliance and Enforcement
  • Communications Infrastructure and Access
  • FCC and FTC Dispute Resolution
  • Wireless Communications Siting and Development
  • Internet Law and E-Commerce
  • USAC Compliance, Audit Preparation and Defense
  • Content Protection, Acquisition, and Distribution
  • Defamation and Invasion of Privacy Defense
  • First Amendment Litigation
  • Media Access Through FOIA, Public Records and Open Meeting Laws
  • Media Subpoena Defense
  • Content Regulation and Censorship Defense

More than just Communications and Media Industry Law specialists, Jimerson Birr has a team of attorneys with experience and expertise in every legal issue you may encounter, including:

Jimerson Customer Service

We live by our 7 Superior Service Commitments

  • Conferring Client-Defined Value
  • Efficient and Cost-Effective
  • Accessibility
  • Delivering an Experience While Delivering Results
  • Meaningful and Enduring Partnership
  • Exceptional Communication Based Upon Listening
  • Accountability to Goals
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Charles B. Jimerson
Charles B. Jimerson
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Justin Smith
Justin Smith
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Jimerson Birr Ranks Among Fastest Growing Law Firms in the Nation

Jacksonville, Fla — March 10, 2022 — For the fifth year, Jimerson Birr has been recognized by the Law Firm 500, which

Managing Partner Charles B. Jimerson Honored as one of America’s Top 100 Attorneys
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Managing Partner Charles B. Jimerson Honored as one of America’s Top 100 Attorneys

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Client Success

Engaged by National Telecommunications Company to File Derivative Action

Engaged by national telecommunications company to file derivative action on behalf of the company and against another member for misappropriation of corporate property and breach of fiduciary duties.

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Regional Market President Of Digital News Company Testimonial

Trailblazers. Their no-nonsense, proficient understanding of the varied needs of a content generator and distributor is unmatched. From recommended preventive measures to monitoring compliance and enforcement to handling specific dispute resolutions, Jimerson Birr is an excellent example of what a top-of-the-line legal practice can do for members of the communications and media industry.

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General Counsel for Florida Media House

My partnership with Jimerson Birr began when I was referred to them for an assist on a content protection matter. They quickly jumped right in to fully assess and mitigate until a resolution was determined. When seeking counsel to handle the myriad of legal compliance and protection matters within the communications industry, the get-it-done lawyers live here. They deliver what they say they will and have become a trusted resource integral to our successful management.

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