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If you own or operate a business that maintains data containing personal information of individuals, you need legal advice about your data breach prevention and response obligations. Jimerson Birr attorneys can assist you in navigating the laws and regulations relating to safeguarding company-held data from cyber threats. Our Data Privacy and Cybersecurity legal services include:

  • Data breach compliance counseling and risk/security assessment
  • Creation and management of privacy policies and online data privacy statements
  • Government contracting or large company cyber-compliance
  • Cyber insurance counseling
  • Creation of Data Breach Response Plans
  • Incident Response – investigation, mitigation and remediation
  • Vendor contract development and negotiation
  • Employee, consumer and financial data privacy
  • Forensics and technical systems planning (in partnership with forensic and IT consultants)
  • Cybersecurity crisis management
  • Technology and IT Contracts

Jimerson Birr provides a broad scope of services aimed at guarding and protecting companies both before and after a data breach. From a prevention standpoint, our firm assists companies in developing data privacy practices and protocols through comprehensive assessments, training, policy implementation and response planning. Our proactive approach to data privacy minimizes the risk of data breach and ensures your company is ready to reach if (read: when) your data has been compromised.

From a responsive standpoint, our lawyers assist companies facing unwanted regulatory investigations, media attention, client or third-party demands, and litigation; conditions that necessitate thoughtful, yet swift reaction. Our lawyers assist companies in determining the cause and breadth of the breach, assessing regulatory compliance requirements, managing notifications and conducting after-breach data management triage.

As data breach becomes more and more common place, the cybersecurity needs of our clients are on the rise, and the firm is available to meet those needs. For more information about our practice, or to discuss your legal concerns with a lawyer who understands data privacy and cybersecurity law, contact our offices today.

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Charles B. Jimerson
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