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Releasing Liens & Timelines

December 23, 2020 FAQs Construction

Q: What are the significant deadlines after the Lien is recorded to be aware of? A: A copy of the Claim of Lien must be served on the owner within fifteen (15) days from the date it is recorded. Thereafter, a lienor must file a lawsuit to foreclose the Claim […]

Notice to Owner & Notice of Commencement

December 23, 2020 FAQs Construction

Q: Where are Notices of Commencement located? A: Lienors can obtain copies of recorded notices of commencement from the county public records where the real property is located. Otherwise, the lienor may inquire to the building department for that county, job site bulletin boards or through Notice to Owner services. […]

Lien Requirements, when you can Lien & Avenues for Recovery

December 23, 2020 FAQs Construction

Q: What avenue for recovery exists for projects on public property? A: The exemption of public property arises from the alternative remedy of recovery provided by Fla. Stat. §255.05. This statute, in most instances, requires the general contractor on a public project to provide a payment bond, which serves as […]

Lien Law Overview & Definitions

December 23, 2020 FAQs Construction

Q. Florida Construction Lien Law Executive Summary A; The Construction Lien Law, formerly known as the Mechanic’s Lien Law, has served as a source of confusion to owners, contractors, suppliers and materialman that seek to enforce its provisions. As outlined in Chapter 713, Florida Statutes, the Construction Lien Law established […]

Eminent Domain Law

December 22, 2020 FAQs Construction, Government Entities, Real Estate Development, Sales & Leasing

Q: What is Eminent Domain? A: “Eminent Domain” is currently defined as the power of the nation or a sovereign state to take or to authorize the taking of private property for public use without the owner’s consent, conditioned on the payment of just compensation. The term generally refers to […]

Assessment & Fees

December 22, 2020 FAQs Community Associations

Q: What is an assessment? A: As defined by Chapter 718 of the Florida Statutes, “assessment” is a share of the funds which are required for the payment of common expenses, which are occasionally assessed against the unit owner. Source: Fla. Stat. § 718.103(1). Q: What is the difference between […]

The Association Board, Committees & Meetings

December 22, 2020 FAQs Community Associations

Q: What is considered a board meeting? A: A condominium board meeting is defined as any gathering of the members of the board of directors, at which a quorum of the members is present, for the purpose of conducting association business. This could include a dinner where board members have […]

Association Specific Considerations, Rights & Requirements

December 22, 2020 FAQs Community Associations

 Q: Is the association required to maintain official records? A: The official records of the association must be maintained within the state for at least 7 years.  As of January 1, 2019, an association managing a condominium with 150 or more units shall post digital copies of many of the official records on […]

Statutes, Codes & Definitions in General

December 22, 2020 FAQs Community Associations

Q: What laws and documents affect condominiums? A: Condominiums are affected by Florida Statutes, Florida Administrative Code, the declaration of condominium, the articles of incorporation, the bylaws of the association, and the rules and regulations promulgated by the condo board. Q: What section of the Florida Statutes applies to condominiums? […]

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