Technological Innovation

As the benefits of legal technology become increasingly apparent, clients should evaluate the technological systems of a law firm before deciding to retain them as legal counsel. At Jimerson Birr, P.A. we are committed to utilizing the most powerful and cutting-edge technology to better represent and service our clients. The implementation of advanced technological systems may seem daunting and costly, but these systems can significantly increase efficiency, productivity and quality control.

A Digital Office

Instead of massive filing cabinets and warehouses of documents, our office primarily uses a series of servers and backups to manage case documents digitally and ensure client confidentiality. While an entirely paperless office is not feasible for many reasons, good use of a document management system allows a law firm to decrease the volume of physical files by up to 90%. Resultant reductions in overhead enable Jimerson Birr, P.A. to pass those savings on to its clients through reduced fee rates.

Digital documents have the benefits of allowing multiple attorneys and support staff to view, edit and operate within the same file concurrently. Digital documents never have to be filed and they can be found and retrieved at the click of a mouse. They remove all of the guesswork out of when the document was filed or received as the firm maintains stringent policies of digital document archiving.

Graphic Illustrations and Presentation Software/Hardware

Jimerson Birr has trained graphics technicians and presentation specialists in-house for demonstrative exhibits, charts, graphs, chronologies, and PowerPoint presentations that are used in trials, arbitrations, mediations, and other client engagements. They specialize in synthesizing complex elements of cases, or nuances in the law, into digestible illustrated graphical presentations. This enables our attorneys to communicate with our audience and finders of fact more effectively. With our portable projectors and presentation equipment, we are able to put together a presentation that makes an impact on a moment’s notice.

24/7 Accessibility

At Jimerson Birr, P.A. our attorneys and support staff can remotely access the firm’s computer network from any secure internet connection worldwide. Our email and voicemail systems are built to accommodate mobile devices and all attorneys are equipped with mobile software to view .PDF, MS Word and audio files directly on their mobile phones. This greatly increases efficiency and accessibility as attorneys can maintain a portable presence for client needs in a relevant time frame.

Engagement in Social Media

Jimerson Birr attorneys create their own intellectual content, aggregate legal and worldly news, and counsel clients on the ever changing laws in their industries through their contributions to blogging and social media. The firm uses these platforms to share pertinent information to our clients and colleagues on its subject matter expertise. Jimerson Birr stays plugged in to social media outlets as a way of showing its continued dedication to building credible networks of professionals focused on discussing topics germane to our practice areas.

Electronic Discovery

Managing the discovery phase of a court case is a significant logistical challenge, but few elements are more crucial to successful outcomes. Using varied technological applications and resources, our firm manages electronic data throughout the litigation lifecycle, from document collection to evidentiary presentation. Using either internal resources or a preferred vendor, our legal teams can efficiently process large quantities of electronic data, allowing us to conduct early case assessments, cost effective document reviews, and produce relevant materials within court-imposed discovery deadlines. In addition to processing electronic discovery, our e-discovery trained litigation team is available to assist clients with document retention counsel, litigation readiness assessments and data mapping efforts, ensuring clients are in a position to respond to and negotiate the scope of discovery when the time comes.

Increased Efficiency Leading to Lower Costs

As a system becomes more efficient it requires less time and fewer personnel to run. The law firm is no exception. Information is not shared through firm conferences to discuss recent phone calls and documents received. Instead, any of our attorneys can view all the substantive information on a case, remotely or in-office, on a consolidated software platform the firm extensively trains on and upgrades; every document, email, research, fax, calendar reminder and phone notes are all accessible in one central location. This constant sharing of information significantly reduces redundant work and provides for continuity in service.

Our firm also utilizes and implements new versions of older technologies to increase their effectiveness. These include: video and audio conferencing for multiple parties in a secure environment; electronic facsimile software which tracks all faxes sent or received by the firm and instantly provides electronic confirmation of transmission; digital dictation devices expedite processing with automatic transfer and notification systems and ensure return of transcription projects based on priority in ways no tape system can; portable voice recognition devices which transcribe speech to text automatically; and personal scanners to avoid bottlenecks at firm-wide machines.

When you are speaking with potential counsel, make sure to ask questions regarding their information technology. Are they using a document management system as their primary method of tracking documents? Do they use automated systems for dictation and the generation of standard forms? How do they communicate recent case developments with other attorneys working on the case? What systems do they have that allow them to work offsite? If you get answers that do not reflect a willingness, and ability, to use advanced technological systems, you will see the difference in the quality of work performed and the size of your legal bill.

Through our investments in technology, our commitment to research and development and strategic staffing, and our focus on systems and processes, we are able to promote internal efficiencies that directly translate to savings and increased value for our clients. Our investments in technology enable us to work smarter and save our client’s money when they need savings the most.

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