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Getting served with important compliance information, official correspondence or legal filings can place unnecessary stress on any business owner. Too frequently business owners place this burden on themselves when running their businesses and shove service papers into desks or file cabinets with a promise to deal with it later. While business owners are free to act as their own registered agents for their business entities, the registered agent’s role in receiving service of process is vital to prudent corporate governance. For example, upon being served with notice of legal action, the clock starts ticking on several important deadlines. Failure to timely respond after being served can result in unnecessary costs and tremendous headaches for business owners. Even worse, sometimes failing to timely respond can ruin a perfectly good defense and result in a default judgment that subjects your bank accounts and property to seizure.

Florida law requires every entity (Corporation, LLC, Partnership) registered in Florida, and every entity conducting business in Florida, to designate a registered office and registered agent. A registered agent is a designated person or entity with a physical office in Florida (not a P.O. box) who is authorized to accept and receive all official, compliance, tax and legal documents on behalf of an entity. Registered agents have a legal obligation to be present at the registered office for service of process and are required to forward to the entity any notices, processes, or demands which are received by or served on the registered agent. Florida law requires the registered agent to be available for service each day from 9:00 am to 5:00 pm, except Saturdays, Sundays, and legal holidays. This means that a registered agent does not get vacation or sick days, and must be at the registered office each day able to accept service if necessary.

Because documents served through a process server to a registered agent are usually time-sensitive, a registered agent helps your business give the matters the immediate attention they deserve. When Jimerson Birr serves as a registered agent for a legal entity, we make ourselves available for the receipt and review of official documents so that we are able to forward the documents along to our clients with our analysis as to what actions are required next and what important annual reporting, tax, regulatory compliance or litigation filing deadlines may apply. When clients engage Jimerson Birr as their registered agent, they do not have to fret about the consequences of improper handling of critical paperwork.

Jimerson Birr Registered Agent Services

Engaging Jimerson Birr to serve as your registered agent gives yourself one less thing to stress about in running your business. By allowing us to serve as your registered agent and registered office, you will not have to worry about taking vacations, misplacing important legal notices, or updating information with the Secretary of State, should your corporate information change or become dated. Our firm offers a comprehensive registered agent and registered office services package. Our firm will always be open and able to receive any notices, processes, or demands which we receive on your behalf.  We will ensure you are notified immediately and forward your documents the same day they are received.  We will also create digital copies of your records, securely store your important documents, and make copies available upon your request. To the extent subsequent counsel is needed, we are amenable to seeing the matter through to a favorable client resolution.  

We provide a complete range of Florida registered agent services for our clients including:

We’re honored to work with some of the world’s most accomplished organizations and the leaders who drive them. We know that on any given day our clients are confronting competition, corporate advancement, risk management, process and product innovation, resource allocation, efficiency stewardship and talent oversight problems; some days all the above. When our clients place Florida registered agent services responsibilities with us, they enlist sets of broad shoulders that carry their burdens for them so that they no longer feel their weight. This deep business partnership will give us both an opportunity to be at our best.

We draw on the strength of our character and talents to deliver the best of our firm to every client through true collaboration. On those occasions where our client is concerned it may have erred or is accused of being in the wrong, we help them become right.  We don’t confuse effort with results, and we focus on the immutable, allied goals at all times. Partnership with Jimerson Birr on registered agent services means that you are not looking in any direction but ahead.

Jimerson Customer Service

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