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Jimerson Birr’s multi-disciplinary disaster and crisis preparation and response professionals counsel companies, not-for-profit organizations, and individuals as they prepare for, respond to, and recover from unforeseen catastrophes. We understand the range of complex legal issues that arise when creating, communicating, and executing disaster-preparedness plans, and have wide-ranging experience representing clients as they work through the aftermath of a major event.

No matter the cause of the predicament that poses serious harm to your company, Jimerson Birr’s disaster and crisis preparation and response team is ready and able to mobilize to protect your business’ reputation and brand. Whether facing an isolated crisis or a large-scale disaster, Jimerson Birr helps clients prevent, survive, address and even thrive during a crisis. You can count on our team to provide even-keeled, battle-tested, boots on the ground counsel to prevent or respond to any of the following common crisis scenarios:  

Jimerson Birr’s proactive approach to crisis management relies on preventive planning that identifies the risks our clients’ businesses may face and manageable means or methods to limit potential damage. Jimerson Birr’s attorneys are skilled at developing effective strategies and plans tailored to each industry we serve in order to ensure that our clients can react quickly and successfully in the event of a crisis. We develop, foster, train, and test direct strategies so that our clients can reassure stakeholders with a swift and appropriate response should one ever be needed.

Jimerson Birr’s disaster and crisis preparation and response team provides the three indispensable services for effective disaster and crisis management: planning, response, and recovery/defense. Through our counsel, your management team can have the reprieve and peace of mind it needs to have confidence that the company is protected, and that it will endure. We encourage our clients to enlist our help, not because they are in a moment of weakness, but because they want to remain strong.

Disaster and Crisis Management Planning and Prevention Services

Through the years, we have helped many of our clients learn that looking after their business’ health today gives them a better hope for tomorrow. Our disaster and crisis management attorneys understand that sophisticated crisis management counseling begins long before disaster happens. Jimerson Birr has consequential experience working closely with clients to develop personalized disaster and crisis management plans, including establishing relevant benchmarks for determining when and how to implement an effective disaster and crisis response. There is not a company that does business that can anticipate every danger, but establishing a collaborative, adaptable disaster and crisis management plan with a dedicated response team is essential to preventing reputational, legal, operational and economic impacts. Jimerson Birr works with its clients to evaluate insurance coverages that allocate risks to all known or foreseeable risks, create enterprise risk mitigation and crisis response strategies, conduct corporate governance reviews to ensure best practices are implemented, document step-by-step policies for crisis management, provide training to personnel on crisis response, and organize a team of best-in-class communications experts adept at handling crisis communications and public relations should a catastrophic event occur. Through a proactive approach, our team can help clients mitigate liabilities, prevent governmental investigations, thwart class action litigation, negotiate timely and advantageous settlements with the government or private claimants, preserve brand value, establish investor and customer confidence, and avert reputational damage and financial disrepair.

Disaster and Crisis Response and Management

When an incident occurs and personnel, assets and reputation are at stake, you cannot go at it alone. Even the best companies in the world need help. Jimerson Birr’s professionals and expert consultants will respond immediately to client needs with the appropriate level of support. Our team can mobilize on a moment’s notice to secure and protect each person and facet of the company impacted by the incident. Jimerson Birr is well-equipped to assist clients in assessing the situation, advise on appropriate strategies to react to the incident, and develop a plan for post- incident review. Having Jimerson Birr’s lawyers on retainer provides your company with diverse legal professionals, integrated communications, actionable business intelligence, and disaster and crisis management counsel to help organize and direct a multitude of risks facing your personnel and organization. Jimerson Birr’s attorneys are nimble and flexible in their approach to disaster and crisis response. We will work with you to evaluate the short-term and long-term risks, conduct investigations, interface with regulators, submit insurance claims, oversee and direct staff and employee response, and prepare proper internal and external communications. Our team is equipped to respond quickly to our clients’ needs and help them ease the pressure associated with the challenge at bar.

Risk Mitigation and Litigation Preparation Following a Disaster or Crisis

During a disaster or crisis, companies transform from victims to defendants in litigation in a short period of time. Our trial lawyers have a strong track record of litigating bet-the-company cases, including winning complete dismissals and zero-liability outcomes from judges, arbitrators and juries in high-profile cases, sometimes in cases brought in hostile jurisdictions. We assemble teams of accomplished trial and appellate lawyers that include subject matter and industry-focused specialists who know how to deliver results in the courtroom. Jimerson Birr’s lawyers regularly work together in trial teams, allowing us to effectively execute coordinated strategies across multiple disciplines. If your company finds itself in crisis with no time to plan, we’ve got you covered. You will find that our simple, streamlined, and client-prioritized approach to disaster and crisis response provides your company with the clarity and poise it needs to overcome unthinkable challenges. Jimerson Birr clients quickly learn that they can count on us to solve the immediate crisis, work hard and smart to correct the problem, and develop an integrated and potent plan that minimizes future financial, legal and reputational harm.

Jimerson Birr is a premier law firm with a market-leading disaster and crisis preparation and response practice that is tailored to the nuances of the industries we serve. Our teams have a global perspective and strong Florida roots. Our clients look to us to bring a distinctively high degree of quality, passion and creativity to resolve disaster and crisis preparation and response challenges effectively and cost efficiently.

We’re honored to work with some of the world’s most accomplished organizations and the leaders who drive them. We know that on any given day our clients are confronting competition, corporate advancement, risk management, process and product innovation, resource allocation, efficiency stewardship and talent oversight problems; some days all the above. When our clients place disaster and crisis preparation and response matters with us, they enlist sets of broad shoulders that carry their burdens for them so that they no longer feel their weight. This deep business partnership will give us both an opportunity to be at our best.

We draw on the strength of our character and talents to deliver the best of our firm to every client through true collaboration. On those occasions where our client is concerned it may have erred or is accused of being in the wrong, we help them become right. We don’t confuse effort with results, and we focus on the immutable, allied goals at all times. Partnership with Jimerson Birr on disaster and crisis preparation and response practice matters means that you are not looking in any direction but ahead. 

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