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Privileged Documents Provided to an Expert Witness: Has the Privilege been Waived?

Expert discovery has just been served by opposing counsel and your retained expert provides you with a copy of his file, including all documents he has reviewed in the matter, as requested. Your heart skips a beat as you discover … Read Full Post

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Duval Ford v. Rogers: How a Merger Clause Backfired on a Car Dealer: Part 1 of 2

By Charles B. Jimerson, Esq. and Austin Calhoun, J.D. 2013

Recently, a clause in an industry standard sales contract backfired, much to the dismay of the car dealer. In Duval Ford v. Rogers, 73 So. 3d 261 (Fla. 1st DCA June 21, 2011) a sophisticated car dealer’s Retail Buyer’s Order (“RBO”) was rendered unenforceable by the existence of a merger clause in their Retail Installment Sales Contract (“RISC”). Florida’s First District Court of Appeals held that the RISC was the entire contract, consistent with the merger clause. Therefore, the RBO was totally irrelevant. Irrelevant RBO’s will require substantial sales practices changes in the automotive industry.
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Top Ten iPhone Apps for the Business World

By Kristen Sinnott, Candidate for Juris Doctor 2013

If there is one thing most people can agree on, it would be the fact that Steve Jobs provided the business world with one of the greatest creations, an Apple iPhone. Whether you are an attorney, doctor, small business owner, or CEO of a Fortune-500 corporation, the iPhone can single handedly make your work day easier, more organized, and frankly, more entertaining. Millions of applications have been produced, and quite a few have received honorable mention from New York Times, Forbes and the bloggers of the world. For those of you who need on-the-go access to your files, presentations, inventory, and agendas while away from your desk, these ten apps are for you!
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