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Top Ten iPhone Apps for the Business World
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Top Ten iPhone Apps for the Business World

February 6, 2012 Professional Services Industry Legal Blog

Reading Time: 4 minutes

If there is one thing most people can agree on, it would be the fact that Steve Jobs provided the business world with one of the greatest creations, an Apple iPhone. Whether you are an attorney, doctor, small business owner, or CEO of a Fortune-500 corporation, the iPhone can single handedly make your work day easier, more organized, and frankly, more entertaining. Millions of applications have been produced, and quite a few have received honorable mention from New York Times, Forbes and the bloggers of the world. For those of you who need on-the-go access to your files, presentations, inventory, and agendas while away from your desk, these ten apps are for you!

DropBox: Meetings, conferences, and lunch dates often take you away from your desk and leave you unable to check documents that may need your approval or review. Dropbox allows you to transfer PDFs from your computer to your cellphone without the stress of having to run back to the office.

Evernote: Let’s be honest. Business people constantly have to schedule events, charities, meetings, and lunch gatherings while also attempting to maintain some sort of personal life outside the conference room. Evernote is a New York Times Top 10 Must-Have App Winner. Take notes, create to-do lists, record voice memos, and capture photos that inspire your next project. Throw out the heavy planner notebook and keep yourself up to date, while saving yourself the headache of missing deadlines.

JotNot Scanner Pro: JotNot can capture documents almost as well as a fax machine but with a smaller, more portable device. With a well-lit flat surface, you can use your iPhone to email PDFs to anyone. Turn your camera into a portable scanner to quickly document receipts and other files, while also having the option to fix the angle at which you can review the document.

Keynote and Keynote Remote: It is time to present the project you’ve been working on for weeks to the board members of a major corporation. You want to show your organization, creativity and productivity. Keynote and Keynote Remote takes large presentations to a new level. From your iPhone or iPad you can access your slides while also being able to facilitate through the presentation from a simple touch of your device. Keynote is a great feature for Mac users and now you can make presentations less stressful and more powerful.

LinkedIn: Today it seems as though online networking has surpassed personal handshakes and business cards. LinkedIn allows you to post your business information online for other users to learn a little about what you have to offer. Doctors and attorneys can procure new clients by advertising the type of services they specialize in, while simultaneously recruiting employees.

Venmo: With Venmo you can instantly send money to your friends, coworkers, or employees. Link a credit card or bank account to your phone and with the push of a button, instantly send funds to help split the bill at the next gathering.

Black’s Law Dictionary: For every law student, law clerk, and attorney, this application is necessary for any assignment. You can use this mobile application to learn the definitions for legal terms.

Sign and Send: When you’re the company President, Senior Partner, Owner, or Manager your signature is needed daily. Who has time to print out emails and find a scanner to send applications back to the sender? Sign and Send allows you to use multiple texts, ink color, encrypted documents and zoom to fill out information and signatures. Sign and Send documents can also be stored in your DropBox application or simply return back to sender.

Timemaster: Time is money, and especially for those professionals who bill their time for their clients. Timemaster application is an easy, efficient way to track time while simplifying the process. You can be ready at all times to track time with just a few taps on the screen. Those hard working minutes add up every month and now you can assure yourself to be up-to-date and systematized.

QuickBooks Mobile: This application is every small business owner’s dream. Need to make sure bills and paychecks are up to date and ready to be processed? Already have a QuickBooks online account? Good, because now you can have access at your fingertips when you’re out of the office. Sales receipts and invoices are readily available, keep track of customers and also have access to profit and loss data.

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