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Jimerson Birr welcomes inquiries from the media and do our best to respond to deadlines. If you are interested in speaking to a Jimerson Birr lawyer or want general information about the firm, our practice areas, lawyers, publications, or events, please contact us via email or telephone for assistance at (904) 389-0050.

Monthly Archives: March 2012

March 2012 Firm Newsletter

March 30, 2012 Newsletters

Featured in the March 2012 Issue Partner’s Perspective J&C Managing Attorney Achieves Prestigious Peer Rating Support Upcoming Junior Achievement Lawyers’ Bowl-A-Thon New Law Blogs Curiosities, Ruminations and Various Eccentricities of Firm Biz Click to read.

2010 Florida Building Code

March 21, 2012 Construction Industry Legal Blog

The 2010 edition of the Florida Building Code took effect March 15, 2012.  Generally, the most significant changes were to wind load design and construction. Recent studies have confirmed what everyone in the state suspected:  South Florida gets more hurricanes.  Specifically, the most changes were those dealing with wind design […]

Establishing a Construction Delay Claim: Documenting the Critical Path

March 2, 2012 Construction Industry Legal Blog

By Austin Calhoun, J.D. 2013

In a construction delay claim, the contractor has the burden to prove that the offending party’s actions affected activities on the critical path of the contractor’s performance of the contract. George Sollitt Const. Co. v. U.S., 64 Fed.Cl. 229 (Fed.Cl. 2005). To meet this burden, a contractor must initially establish the as-planned critical path. Moreover, the critical path needs to be diligently updated to adapt to the evolution of the construction project as it is actually built. Critical Path Method (CPM) schedules are the most often used and preferred way to create and document the critical path. See Id.

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