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4 Tips for Drafting a Fair and Balanced Subcontractor Agreement

March 14, 2024 Construction Industry Legal Blog

Having a well-drafted subcontractor agreement is crucial for identifying the responsibilities, rights, and expectations of the contractor and a subcontractor when working together to complete a project. Here are four essential tips to consider when drafting your subcontractor agreement: Tip #1: Payment Rights The subcontractor agreement should clearly outline the […]

Contractors Beware: The Importance of Due Diligence in Construction Contracting—A Lien Rights Horror Story

February 8, 2024 Construction Industry Legal Blog

In the world of construction, contracts form the foundation for successful projects, and most contractors understand the importance of negotiating their contract terms. However, many contractors underestimate the importance of due diligence when entering into an agreement.  By “due diligence,” I mean looking outside the language of your contract to […]

Construction Shop Drawing Review and Approval – Who Owns the Risk?

January 25, 2024 Construction Industry Legal Blog

Shop drawings play a vital role in construction projects. Comprehensive construction contracts may define shop drawings to include diagrams, illustrations, schedules, and other data or information that are prepared or assembled by or for the contractor to illustrate some portion of a parties’ scope of work. Construction contracts may also […]

Florida Construction Contracts: Six Key Risk Shifting Provisions

October 30, 2023 Construction Industry Legal Blog

Whether you are a Florida general contractor, subcontractor, vendor or supplier, there’s likely going to be a contract that articulates the parties’ respective rights and obligations. A well-drafted construction contract should include essential terms like payment, scope of work, and risk shifting provisions. This blog focuses on six key risk […]

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