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Five Key Provisions Construction Material Suppliers Should Include in Customer Credit Agreements

January 23, 2023 Construction Industry Legal Blog, Manufacturing & Distribution Industry Legal Blog

Material suppliers in the construction industry will often need to extend credit to their contractor and subcontractor customers due to the payment cycle on construction projects that can often run 30 days, 60 days or even longer.  Due to this, suppliers of construction materials will often need to enter into […]

Recent Florida Case Highlights Accord and Satisfaction and Final Payment Contract Provisions as Potential Traps for the Unwary Contractor

January 23, 2023 Construction Industry Legal Blog

A recent opinion by a Florida appellate court, Construction Consulting, Inc. v. District Board of Trustees of Broward College [1], is a cautionary tale for contractors.  It highlights that construction contractors need to be vigilant regarding the terms of their contract related to final payment and any conditions put on […]

Mineral Rights Were Reserved on My Property Before I Bought It; What Now?

January 11, 2023 Construction Industry Legal Blog, Real Estate Development, Sales and Leasing Industry Legal Blog

The reservation of mineral rights on real property throughout Florida is not uncommon.  When the State of Florida first conveyed title to state owned lands, it was customary for the state to reserve an interest in all oil, gas and minerals on the property.  This included the right to drill, […]

What Are the Development Restrictions Applicable to My Zoning District and Can They Be Waived?

January 11, 2023 Construction Industry Legal Blog, Real Estate Development, Sales and Leasing Industry Legal Blog

Land use and zoning lawyers commonly with real estate investors, developers, and homebuyers who purchase real estate looking to either add on to the existing structural improvements on the property or redesign the use of the property, tear down the existing structure, and build brand new. It is natural to […]

“Owner’s Representatives” May Not Be Required to Have a Contractor’s License, if They Follow the Rules

January 10, 2023 Construction Industry Legal Blog

In construction projects, the owner sometimes hires a person or entity to act as the owner’s representative to facilitate the project and act as the point of contact in a representative or agency capacity on the owner’s behalf.  These owner’s representatives may oversee the design and construction work, and deal […]

What Do Contractors Need to Know About Employee Duty of Loyalty and Ability to Compete

January 3, 2023 Construction Industry Legal Blog

We have seen a trend in the construction industry toward contractors requiring their employees to sign non-compete agreements.  It has become fairly common practice.  But what if your employees are not restricted by signed non-compete agreements?  Do you have any rights to stop them from competing or taking your customers […]

Contractors Beware: Depositing a Check Titled “Final Payment” May Be an “Accord and Satisfaction” or “Final Release” That Prevents You From Recovering Further Payment

December 22, 2022 Construction Industry Legal Blog

As a general contractor, subcontractor, or supplier, you have likely experienced problems collecting final payment from your customer.  You get to the end of the project, and your customer does not want to pay you the full amount you are owed.  Then you get a check in the mail from […]

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