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Important Contract Terms for Every Small Business

November 24, 2022 Construction Industry Legal Blog, Cross-Industry Legal Blog, Real Estate Development, Sales and Leasing Industry Legal Blog

Every small business should have a written contract, whether it is with its customers, vendors, or suppliers.  While every business is different, and this may apply to some industries more than others, it is important for small businesses to evaluate when or how a dispute could arise and whether they […]

Construction Contractors Beware the Consequences of Consequential Damages

April 7, 2022 Construction Industry Legal Blog

Consequential damages for breach of a construction contract are a significant risk that contractors need to understand and be aware of in connection with construction projects.  This blog explains the difference between consequential damages and direct damages for breach of contract, and provides recommended ways for construction contractors to mitigate […]

What are the Types of Damages a Property Owner Can Recover for Construction Defects?

October 21, 2021 Construction Industry Legal Blog, Real Estate Development, Sales and Leasing Industry Legal Blog

When a property owner experiences construction defects in their property, one of the important considerations as to whether or not to pursue a construction defect lawsuit is what types of damages may be available to remedy the defects. This is an important consideration, as without a complete understanding of all […]

Part III: What Documents Matter Most In Determining Share Value in a Buyout? An Analysis of Key Documents and Why They Matter

September 21, 2021 Communications & Media Industry Legal Blog, Construction Industry Legal Blog, Franchising Industry Legal Blog, Healthcare Industry Legal Blog, Hospitality Industry Legal Blog, Manufacturing & Distribution Industry Legal Blog, Professional Services Industry Legal Blog, Real Estate Development, Sales and Leasing Industry Legal Blog, Technology Industry Legal Blog

Different situations can lead to a corporate buyout.  As a business move, a majority shareholder may seek to buyout the minority shareholders or one company may seek to acquire a majority of another company’s shares.  Buyouts may also be contractually forced under a company’s governing documents or legally forced by […]

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