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Guide to Understanding a Construction Contract for Certified Contractors and Sub-Contractors in Florida

August 7, 2018 Construction Industry Legal Blog, Presentations, Videos

The construction industry has rebounded following the recession of 2008. Therefore, there is a greater demand for builders and their work than we’ve seen in years. Having a clear, thorough, binding construction contract helps to ensure that both the contractor and the client know what to expect. It also helps […]

Federal Miller Act – Staying Claims with Subcontractors who have a Payment Bond

August 6, 2018 Construction Industry Legal Blog

Payment claims on federal construction projects often involve bond claims governed by the Miller Act. 40 U.S.C.§ 3131.  General contractors on these construction projects must furnish a payment bond. The bond protects certain persons/entities supplying labor and materials, and carrying out work on the project.  You cannot require a party […]

Construction Delays: What They Are, Why it Matters & How to Measure Them

August 2, 2018 Construction Industry Legal Blog, Presentations, Videos

Construction delays are incredibly costly for contractors and owners. Therefore, the best approach is planning ahead so you can avoid them, then being prepared to effectively manage them if they occur. In this video presentation recorded by Jimerson Birr attorney Austin B. Calhoun, there is an in-depth discussion that defines […]

The Most Common Licensing Violations Committed by Certified Contractors, Part IV: Abandoned Construction Project Violation

July 9, 2018 Construction Industry Legal Blog

Part IV of this series will discuss the ramifications of abandoning a construction project. It will also cover potential disciplinary actions by the Construction Industry Licensing Board (“CILB”) for doing so. It is no secret, everyone in every business deals with difficult customers. In the construction industry, your actions can […]

Accessing Navigable Water: Allocation of Riparian Rights Among Landowners

June 15, 2018 Construction Industry Legal Blog, Florida Eminent Domain Law Blog, Real Estate Development, Sales and Leasing Industry Legal Blog

Owners of waterfront property have “riparian rights” to access the navigable water and the right to a waterfront view in addition to their rights to use their upland property.  Docking rights often are an area of dispute, not only for waterfront property owners seeking dock permits from the government, but […]

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