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The Most Common Licensing Violations Committed by Certified Contractors, Part IV: Abandoned Construction Project Violation

July 9, 2018 Construction Industry Legal Blog

Part IV of this series will discuss the ramifications of abandoning a construction project. It will also cover potential disciplinary actions by the Construction Industry Licensing Board (“CILB”) for doing so. It is no secret, everyone in every business deals with difficult customers. In the construction industry, your actions can […]

Accessing Navigable Water: Allocation of Riparian Rights Among Landowners

June 15, 2018 Construction Industry Legal Blog, Florida Eminent Domain Law Blog, Real Estate Development, Sales and Leasing Industry Legal Blog

Owners of waterfront property have “riparian rights” to access the navigable water and the right to a waterfront view in addition to their rights to use their upland property.  Docking rights often are an area of dispute, not only for waterfront property owners seeking dock permits from the government, but […]

Heads up Contractors—“Living Wage” Ordinances Recently Enacted by Some Florida Municipalities

May 3, 2018 Construction Industry Legal Blog

A few Florida municipalities recently enacted so-called “Living Wage” ordinances.  For instance, such ordinances have been adopted by Broward and Alachua counties, and the cities of Miami, West Palm Beach, and St. Petersburg.  In sum, these ordinances require certain contractors and subcontractors that provide services to the municipality to pay […]

Comfortably Numb: What to Consider When Considering Joining as an Additional Insured in a Construction Project

April 11, 2018 Construction Industry Legal Blog

Construction worksites are frequently dangerous, and nobody wants to be on the hook for a subcontractor’s unsafe practices. It is increasingly common for construction contracts to require subcontractors to name general contractors as additional insureds in their insurance policies. The purpose of these additional insured provisions is to allocate the […]

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