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Financially Responsible Officer (FRO): The Responsibilities of Primary Qualifying Agents

November 30, 2018 Construction Industry Legal Blog

Under Chapter 489, Florida Statutes, primary qualifying agents are, typically, considered the main decision maker(s) of the business organization.  As a general rule for construction licensing, increased responsibility leads to increased liability.  Read on to find out what responsibilities primary qualifying agents have, what is a financially responsible officer or […]

Disputes Regarding Interpretation of the Florida Building Code by Building Officials, The Florida Building Commission and Contractors

October 29, 2018 Construction Industry Legal Blog

Have a dispute regarding an interpretation of the Florida Building Code (the “Code”)?  Building officials in the State of Florida are given a lot of leeway in enforcing and interpreting the Code; however, there are mechanisms to keep them in check.  Read my blog concerning the processes, including Petitions for […]

An Insider’s Perspective on Navigating the Florida DBPR Regulatory and Professional Boards

September 12, 2018 Construction Industry Legal Blog

Many business and industries in Florida find it necessary to obtain some form of license in order to conduct business in this state.  Florida’s Department of Business and Professional Regulation (“DBPR”) is the state agency in charge of licensing and regulating businesses and professionals within Florida.  The Florida DBPR is […]

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