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January 2024 Newsletter – Embracing Anti-Resolutions for a Fulfilling Year
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January 2024 Newsletter – Embracing Anti-Resolutions for a Fulfilling Year

January 26, 2024 Newsletters

Reading Time: 1 minute

Featured in the January 2024 Issue:

  • Partner’s Perspective: Inverting Perspectives: Embracing Anti-Resolutions for a Fulfilling Year
    • Late last year, Charlie Munger, vice chairman of Berkshire Hathaway and Warren Buffett’s longtime friend and business partner, died too young in November 2023 at age 99. Throughout their tenure at the helm of Berkshire, he and Warren Buffett oversaw a staggering growth of approximately 2,000,000% from the company’s initial value, equivalent to an impressive 20,000-fold increase. This remarkable achievement occurred because they strategically invested the company’s capital in a diversified portfolio of thriving enterprises, all without resorting to excessive borrowing. A remarkable success story derived from indefatigable minds and unrelenting discipline…
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