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March 2024 – Stepping Out of Your Comfort Zone in the Workplace
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Charles B. Jimerson
Managing Partner

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March 2024 – Stepping Out of Your Comfort Zone in the Workplace

March 28, 2024 Newsletters

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Featured in the March 2024 Issue:

  • Partner’s Perspective: Stepping Out of Your Comfort Zone in the Workplace
    • “For many of us, ideal professional growth includes the continuous development and application of skills to make a positive impact on your current position and career pursuits. Often, folks in the workplace are under the impression that their skills will be honed simply with their normal day-to-day experience and creating consistent work habits. While there is merit to this method, many people often ignore another piece of the puzzle that can produce significant results: stepping out of your comfort zone. At Jimerson Birr, we emphasize and embrace coworkers taking steps out of their comfort zones to develop into a more well-rounded professional by pushing their boundaries or trying new things . . . “
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