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Charles B. Jimerson
Managing Partner

Nikos Westmoreland
Director of Business Development

Jimerson Birr welcomes inquiries from the media and do our best to respond to deadlines. If you are interested in speaking to a Jimerson Birr lawyer or want general information about the firm, our practice areas, lawyers, publications, or events, please contact us via email or telephone for assistance at (904) 389-0050.

Lenders Beware: Be Sure to Foreclose Subordinate Liens and Encumbrances

April 2, 2021 Banking & Financial Services Industry Legal Blog

Lenders must pay particular attention to subordinate liens and encumbrances prior to initiating any foreclosure action. Lenders can discover whether subordinate liens and encumbrances exist on a property by performing a title examination prior to initiating foreclosure. Failure to discover subordinate liens and encumbrances will cause lenders to mistakenly exclude […]

ASTM E1527 Changes: Coming Soon to a Property Assessment Near You

March 24, 2021 Banking & Financial Services Industry Legal Blog, Real Estate Development, Sales and Leasing Industry Legal Blog

Lenders, Developers, Environmental Professionals and others over the years have come to know the industry standard for conducting and reporting environmental due diligence, “ASTM E1527 Standard Practice for Environmental Site Assessment: Phase I Environmental Site Assessment Process”.  E1527 (commonly referred to as a “Phase I”) was designed by ASTM International […]

Defaulted Loans: Florida State Laws, Federal Laws and Federal Regulations

March 19, 2021 Banking & Financial Services Industry Legal Blog

When a lender holds a defaulted loan there are several issues that need to be considered before initiating a foreclosure. Lenders must ensure compliance with all relevant State and Federal laws and regulations to preserve their remedies for recovery. Additionally, specific Federal regulations may also apply and provide additional requirements […]

SBA Loans: Wrap-Up and Charge-Off Procedures

February 5, 2021 Banking & Financial Services Industry Legal Blog

When a SBA loan is in liquidation status, lenders and authorized CDC liquidators are required to perform “Prudent Liquidation.” This means that lenders and authorized CDC liquidators must liquidate and conduct debt collection litigation in a “prompt, cost-effective and commercially reasonable manner, consistent with prudent lending standards, and in accordance […]

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