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Entrepreneurs Buying or Selling a Business

Under Florida asset protection law, who are considered entrepreneurs buying or selling businesses?

Entrepreneurs in Florida buying or selling businesses can benefit from asset protection strategies. Asset protection is structuring one’s assets to minimize risk, especially when engaged in commercial transactions. In Florida, the asset protection law encompasses various legal mechanisms, including limited liability companies (LLCs), family limited partnerships (FLPs), and homestead exemptions.

One example of entrepreneurs buying or selling businesses in Florida is a business owner considering the sale of their company. In this situation, the entrepreneur should consider forming an LLC or FLP to shield personal assets from potential liabilities arising from the sale. These structures can provide limited liability for the entrepreneur, ensuring their assets remain protected even in the face of a lawsuit.

Another example of entrepreneurs engaging in asset protection in Florida is a business owner acquiring a company. In this scenario, the purchaser should carefully analyze the target company’s existing liabilities and consider whether these liabilities may transfer to the buyer upon closing. To mitigate this risk, the entrepreneur may create a separate entity, such as an LLC, to hold the newly-acquired business assets. This structure can provide a layer of protection between the entrepreneur’s assets and the liabilities of the acquired business.

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Which asset protection laws relate to entrepreneurs buying or selling businesses in Florida?

Entrepreneurs buying or selling businesses in Florida must be aware of various state and federal laws governing asset protection and commercial transactions. These laws include, but are not limited to:

Additionally, federal laws such as the Internal Revenue Code and the Bankruptcy Code play a significant role in structuring asset protection strategies and addressing tax implications of business transactions.

What are common issues regarding entrepreneurs buying or selling businesses that lead to asset protection litigation?

The following issues are among the most common in actions regarding entrepreneurs buying or selling businesses in asset protection law matters

  • Breach of contract: Disputes often arise when one party fails to fulfill the obligations outlined in the purchase or sale agreement, leading to legal action.
  • Misrepresentation or fraud: If a party provides false or misleading information during the negotiation process, the other party may have grounds for litigation based on misrepresentation or fraud.
  • Valuation disputes: Buyers and sellers may disagree on the value of the business or its assets, leading to legal disputes and potential litigation.
  • Non-compete and confidentiality issues: Disagreements over enforcing or interpreting non-compete clauses and confidentiality agreements may result in legal action.
  • Successor liability: When acquiring a business, the buyer may be responsible for the seller’s liabilities, leading to disputes and potential litigation.
  • Shareholder disputes: Conflicts among shareholders, particularly in closely-held corporations, may lead to legal disputes and impact the buying or selling process.

When a set of facts meets the requirements of asset protection litigation, there are many paths a claimant may take. We are value-based attorneys at Jimerson Birr, which means we look at each action with our clients from the point of view of costs and benefits while reducing liability. Then, based on our client’s objectives, we chart a path forward to seek appropriate remedies.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  1. How can entrepreneurs protect their personal assets when buying or selling a business in Florida?
    Entrepreneurs can protect their assets by structuring their business as a limited liability company (LLC) or corporation, which provides a legal separation between personal and business assets. Also, proper insurance coverage and well-drafted contracts can mitigate risks during buying or selling.
  2. What role does due diligence play in buying or selling a business?
    Due diligence is a critical aspect of the buying or selling process, as it helps both parties understand the business’s financial health, potential risks, and legal compliance. Thorough due diligence helps buyers make informed decisions and sellers avoid potential liability issues.
  3. How do non-disclosure agreements (NDAs) factor into buying or selling a business in Florida?
    NDAs protect sensitive business information during the buying or selling process. They restrict the disclosure of confidential information, such as financial data and trade secrets, to third parties, ensuring the information remains private and secure.
  4. What are some tax considerations for entrepreneurs when buying or selling a business in Florida?
    When buying or selling a business, entrepreneurs must consider the tax implications of the transaction. For example, the deal’s structure may impact the tax treatment for both parties. Therefore, consulting with a tax advisor or attorney is crucial to navigating the tax implications of buying or selling a business in Florida.
  5. Can I sell my business while retaining some control or ownership interest?
    Yes, selling a business while retaining some control or ownership interest is possible. This arrangement is a partial sale and can be structured in various ways, such as through a partnership or by issuing non-controlling shares to the buyer. However, careful planning and legal advice are necessary to ensure a successful partial sale.

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Crucially, this overview of entrepreneurs buying or selling businesses does not begin to cover all the laws implicated by this issue or the factors that may compel the application of such laws. Every case is unique, and the laws can produce different outcomes depending on the individual circumstances.

Jimerson Birr attorneys guide our clients to help make informed decisions while ensuring their rights are respected and protected. Our lawyers are highly trained and experienced in the nuances of the law, so they can accurately interpret statutes and case law and holistically prepare individuals or companies for their legal endeavors. Through this intense personal investment and advocacy, our lawyers will help resolve the issue’s complicated legal problems efficiently and effectively.

Having a Jimerson Birr attorney on your side means securing a team of seasoned, multi-dimensional, cross-functional legal professionals. Whether it is a transaction, an operational issue, a regulatory challenge, or a contested legal predicament that may require court intervention, we remain a tireless advocate every step of the way. Being a value-added law firm means putting the client at the forefront of everything we do. We use our experience to help our clients navigate even the most complex problems and come out the other side triumphant.

If you want to understand your case, the merits of your claim or defense, potential monetary awards, or the amount of exposure you face, you should speak with a qualified Jimerson Birr lawyer. Our experienced team of attorneys is here to help. Call Jimerson Birr at (904) 389-0050 or use the contact form to set up a consultation.

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