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What You Need to Know About Commercial Real Estate Lease Agreements: Part II

This blog post is part II in a series of posts providing an overview of important considerations for commercial real estate lease agreements. Regardless of whether a landlord or tenant, there are numerous issues that all parties should consider prior to entering into a commercial lease agreement. Part I addressed mandatory and suggested commercial real estate lease agreement terms and the legal duties and obligations of the parties involved. Part II will discuss the enforceability of certain lease agreements, tort liability for both landlords and tenants, and the use of personal guarantees. Read Full Post

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An Insurer’s Duty to Defend the Insured

A key consideration in developing a litigation strategy is whether or not insurance coverage applies to the causes of action at issue, which is important for both parties. For the plaintiff, coverage can mean that he has a greater chance of collecting on his judgment if it is going to be paid from insurance proceeds. For the insured defendant, insurance coverage can provide reassurance that, if any monetary judgment is awarded against him, he will not have to satisfy it from his own assets. Equally important, his policy will also probably stipulate that the insurer will provide him with an attorney and legal defense for any claims covered by the policy. Read Full Post

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What Takes Priority? The Mortgage or The Lien?

For lenders, prior to taking a mortgage on property within a condominium or homeowners’ association community, it is important to review and understand the association’s governing documents (declaration, by-laws, and articles of incorporation) to determine the priority of an assessment lien and a mortgage. Just because a mortgage was recorded prior to the assessment lien, does not mean the lender’s mortgage will take priority over the association’s assessment lien. The language of the association’s governing documents is critical in determining the priority of these encumbrances. Read Full Post

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