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Monthly Archives: April 2018

Coming to Terms: Important Issues and Considerations in Drafting M&A Agreements — Part II: Representations, Warranties, and Disclosure Schedules

April 30, 2018 Professional Services Industry Legal Blog

Last month, I posted a brief overview blog regarding the drafting and negotiating of the purchase and sale agreement in an M&A deal.  Then I began a series detailing three of the most important sections of the purchase and sale agreement: (1) the economics, (2) representations, warranties, and disclosure schedules, and (3) indemnification.  This blog on the representations, warranties, and disclosure schedules in the agreement will dive deeper into a complex part of the agreement.

Relevant Issues in Punitive Damage Claims in Business or Commercial Litigation

April 18, 2018 Professional Services Industry Legal Blog

I initially wrote an Overview of Florida Law on Punitive Damages Claims in Business or Commercial Litigation a few years’ ago. This article is meant to build upon the information provided in my initial article. In Federal Court, there is no requirement to proffer evidence of punitive damages prior to seeking financial net worth discovery. It is really important to understand this concept because in Federal Court it is much more difficult to prevent financial discovery then in State Court.

How do I get my Attorney’s Fees Paid for on Florida Public Records Requests?

April 6, 2018 Professional Services Industry Legal Blog

Floridians have a clear right to public records. When agencies prevent someone from accessing public records, the person making the request is allowed to hire an attorney without worrying about the costs involved. The agency will have to reimburse parties for their attorney’s fees and costs incurred in exercising their constitutional right.

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