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Construction Projects in Florida and Indemnity Claims – Beware of the Statute of Repose

Construction projects typically involve many parties, from design professionals to contractors, to subcontractors, to suppliers.  When a project goes south and there are problems, some or all of those parties may be responsible. In some cases, when there is a … Read Full Post

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House Bill 377 Clarifies Date of Completion of the Contract for Statute of Repose—a Legislative Win for Contractors

On March 30, 2017, the Florida House of Representatives unanimously passed House Bill 377. The Bill is still working its way through the Senate, but has received a favorable response and is predicted to pass. If it becomes law, HB 377 will amend the construction defect statute of repose to clarify that the “date of completion of the contract” is the date that final payment becomes due. Read Full Post

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Unlicensed Contracting in Florida: Beware of Arbitrating This Issue

By: James O. Birr, III

The Florida Statutes provide for licensing of certain contractors performing work in this state. If a contractor does not have the requisite licensing, that contractor will not be able to enforce its contract or lien rights. See Florida Statute Section 489.128. This is a dagger to any person seeking to enforce such an illegal contact. While on its face, this statute appears clear, when a party is in arbitration, such an illegal contact may still be enforceable. The Village at Dolphin Commerce Center, LLC, vs. Construction Service Solutions, LLC.
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