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Serving a Defendant in a Residential Foreclosure Action by Publication

A residential mortgage foreclosure action is initiated in Florida by filing a verified complaint with the appropriate court.  All named defendants will need to be notified of the lawsuit by being served process with a copy of the complaint and … Read Full Post

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Mitigating Risks Associated with Hotel, Restaurant and Entertainment Industry Economic Challenges: Part 4 – Assignment of Rents Under Section 697.07, Florida Statutes

Parts 1-3 of this series explored alternative pre-foreclosure loss mitigation options for lenders including acceleration and enforcement of personal guarantees. This article explores Section 697.07, Florida Statutes, which governs the assignment of rents. Assignment of Rents under Section 697.07, Florida … Read Full Post

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Construction Industry Webinar: Construction Delay Claims – Best Practices for Subcontractors

Construction Delay Claims: Best Practices for Subcontractors aired on Thursday, September 10, 2020. It provided legal insight and best practices to employ throughout a project to improve your chances of successfully bringing a claim for delay, disruption, or acceleration. This … Read Full Post

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