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Author: Austin B. Calhoun, Esq.

Tree Removal Laws in Jacksonville, Florida

April 5, 2013 Construction Industry Legal Blog

By: Austin B. Calhoun J.D. 2013

In Jacksonville, Florida, do you have the right to cut down trees on your own property at will? You might be surprised to learn the answer is “no.” Having recognized the vital role trees play in our ecosystem, Jacksonville, Florida has enacted tree removal laws to protect against the over-destruction of trees. In sum, these laws require a permit to remove “protected” trees, require mitigation for removed trees, and empower the city to enforce civil fines and criminal punishment for violation.

Establishing a Construction Delay Claim: Documenting the Critical Path

March 2, 2012 Construction Industry Legal Blog

By Austin Calhoun, J.D. 2013

In a construction delay claim, the contractor has the burden to prove that the offending party’s actions affected activities on the critical path of the contractor’s performance of the contract. George Sollitt Const. Co. v. U.S., 64 Fed.Cl. 229 (Fed.Cl. 2005). To meet this burden, a contractor must initially establish the as-planned critical path. Moreover, the critical path needs to be diligently updated to adapt to the evolution of the construction project as it is actually built. Critical Path Method (CPM) schedules are the most often used and preferred way to create and document the critical path. See Id.

A Speedy Foreclosure in Florida – Proper Utilization of Statute 702.10

January 3, 2012 Banking & Financial Services Industry Legal Blog, Real Estate Development, Sales and Leasing Industry Legal Blog

By Austin Calhoun, J.D. 2013

It takes on average 600 days for a party to litigate a foreclosure through trial in Florida. Successful summary judgment motion practice may squeeze that time down to as little as 180 days. Even better, under the proper conditions, a diligent plaintiff can shorten foreclosure time down to less than 60 days by properly utilizing Florida Statute 702.10. If you’re interested in bypassing the foreclosure log-jam to obtain a speedy foreclosure – read on.

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