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Does an Insurer Have a Duty to Defend a Claim Immediately Upon Receipt of a Florida Chapter 558 Construction Defect Notice?

Construction projects are fragile and issues often arise when the project in practice doesn’t match the project in planning. Resolving these issues has become more standardized with the enactment of Florida Statutes Chapter 558, but the chapter may create as … Read Full Post

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What is the best evidence of death to claim life insurance benefits when death is disputed?

Life insurance protects us after our loved ones pass away, but only if we are entitled to its benefits. Unfortunately, dealing with a death can only be made more difficult by having to prove the death actually occurred. In order … Read Full Post

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Insurance Coverage for Construction Damages

I recently authored a blog on insurance coverage triggers for construction defects under Florida law. Insurance coverage for residential and commercial construction projects and understanding when coverage is implicated (triggered) is critical. In many cases, the applicable insurance policies are commercial general liability (CGL) policies. These policies are occurrence based and only provide for indemnification for property damage or personal injury that takes place during the policy period. In many situations, these CGL policies are the only possible avenue of recovery for damages. Read Full Post

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Construction Defects: What Insurance Policy Applies

In construction defect claims, various insurance policies are often implicated. These policies can span many years, so it is critical to determine what policy or policies may provide insurance coverage for the damages that ensue. The insurance policies at play, for general contractors, subcontractors and suppliers, are typically comprehensive general liability policies. Assuming these parties have such policies, the question then becomes what policies apply and do the policies cover the claims. Read Full Post

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