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Managing Partner

Nikos Westmoreland
Director of Business Development

Jimerson Birr welcomes inquiries from the media and do our best to respond to deadlines. If you are interested in speaking to a Jimerson Birr lawyer or want general information about the firm, our practice areas, lawyers, publications, or events, please contact us via email or telephone for assistance at (904) 389-0050.

Obtaining Attorney’s Fees Against Employees Who Represent Themselves in Employment Discrimination Cases

July 2, 2021 Hospitality Industry Legal Blog

Over the past decade there has been a sharp rise in employment discrimination lawsuits filed by pro se plaintiffs (i.e., former employee plaintiffs who represent themselves). Although litigation against an unrepresented party may seem like a layup, it actually requires significant expense to defend because pro se plaintiffs often lack […]

Considerations When Closing a Small Business with PPP or EIDL Debt

May 5, 2021 Hospitality Industry Legal Blog

Small businesses have relied on government assistance, including Paycheck Protection Program (“PPP”) loans and Economic Injury Disaster Loans (“EIDL”) to survive the COVID-19 pandemic’s economic fallout; however, even with such help, many small businesses are facing the prospect of closing their doors with outstanding government loans and other obligations.  This […]

New Florida Law Gives Businesses Liability Protections From COVID-19 Claims

April 12, 2021 Healthcare Industry Legal Blog, Hospitality Industry Legal Blog, Insurance Industry Legal Blog, Real Estate Development, Sales and Leasing Industry Legal Blog

The impact of the COVID-19 pandemic has been difficult on Florida businesses, particularly those in the hospitality, travel and restaurant industries, forcing many of them to close their doors to the public at various times and to suffer financial hardship. As businesses are beginning to re-open, a growing concern has […]

Five Key Construction Contract Terms That Every Building Owner Needs to Negotiate

April 5, 2021 Construction Industry Legal Blog, Healthcare Industry Legal Blog, Hospitality Industry Legal Blog

When a building owners hires a contractor to construct a building or other construction project, the contractor is often significantly more experienced when it comes to the ins and outs of the construction contract as well as the overall construction process.  Oftentimes, a building owner may simply accept the contract […]

Why an Exclusive Venue Provision (Forum Selection Clause) is Vital for Small Business Contracts in Florida

July 29, 2019 Florida Business Litigation Blog, Hospitality Industry Legal Blog, Professional Services Industry Legal Blog

An exclusive venue provision, or commonly referred to as a forum selection clause, is an integral part of every small business contract.  Including an exclusive venue provision in a small business contract is extremely important for a small business that provides labor, materials or services to clients located in different […]

It’s Not Too Late: What to do After Your Business is Sued for Violating the ADA

October 16, 2018 Florida Business Litigation Blog, Hospitality Industry Legal Blog, Insurance Industry Legal Blog, Professional Services Industry Legal Blog

Businesses often do not learn that they are in violation of the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) until they are hit with a lawsuit from a disabled person.  At that point, some business leaders think that it is too late to do anything to help minimize their liability. However, there […]

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