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Jimerson Birr is a business law firm with a reputation for excellence and a recognized trajectory for growth. It’s not the cool, high rise office space with sweeping views of the city that gives us the leg up for success, though. It’s our people. Looking back on the time since our humble beginning more than a decade ago, something rather remarkable evolved organically that we couldn’t always put our finger on. We just knew we liked where it was taking us, and like fine wine, whatever it was, just got better with age. As the demand for our services increased, our team grew, and so did the feeling. We honed in on values, expectations, and habits that were driving our actions and we established rhythms and connections that are unbreakable bonds to this day. With every new person who joined our team, a dimension was added to the intangible energy field of shared ambition. Like the combination of two light sources produces three times the illumination, the thoughtful selection and integration of every team member we brought into the fold began to translate into a synergy that propelled us as a people and a business exponentially. We always want to preserve what has naturally manifested at our firm through the daily contributions of the people who have inspired it and those who will continue to cherish and build upon it.

We’ve come to know this feeling and this set of values, expectations and priorities as our culture. We embrace it as JB FOR ME.





At Jimerson Birr, (or “JB,” as us insiders say,) we believe when our people are at their best, they can give their best. We strive to enable and maintain an environment where every team member is not only unrestricted but supported in the achievement of fulfillment, and that’s not just at work. Holistically, and depending on who you are and what you prioritize, that tends to look a bit different based on our individual aspirations and needs in life. We believe a key to feeling fulfilled is in striking a balance between work, achievement milestones and personal life in a way that contributes to each team member’s happiness. At JB, each person being Fulfilled is what all components of our culture add up to. It’s FOR YOU because we listen and work to remove the barriers to happiness, setting you up for greater levels of achievement and growth.




Opportunities abound at JB for those who desire to meet them, one of the most important being the opportunity to establish long-term financial security. We offer fair and competitive compensation to all team members at all levels of the organization as a signal of our commitment to their success. Our professional development platform that facilitates hands-on professional experience coupled with our multi-faceted training and mentorship program creates a seamless path to getting up to speed, maximizing performance, and, ultimately, advancing your career. At JB, Opportunities always await. It’s FOR YOU because you’re a go-getter. You seize them, add value, and deserve to be recognized for a job well done.




Refreshed isn’t a word you’re probably used to hearing about at work, but it’s one of the attributes of our culture that has made JB one of the Best Companies to Work For in the state of Florida for more than six consecutive years. We are serious about maintaining a collegial and accommodating workplace. That means, special benefits and perks to make work fun like our Firm Cup annual event series, socials just for fun, health and wellness activities, and, of course, no a$#holes. It also means having the flexibility to work on your terms when life gets in the way. Experience the sense of belonging that comes with investing with a team of people you trust, believe in, and actually want to hang out with. At JB, Refreshed is more than just a corporate platitude. It’s FOR YOU because work-life balance is elusive, and you know it doesn’t have to be.




As a Mindful firm, we take responsibility for our thoughts, impacts and interconnectedness with the world around us. We see challenges and aspire to be part of devising or otherwise delivering solutions. At JB, our team members engage in professional, trade, civic and philanthropic organizations as advocates, ambassadors, thought leaders and volunteers. We are givers of our time, talent and treasure, and thoughtfully select social responsibility initiatives on an annual basis to invest in. All colleagues share a service orientation and do our very best to model servant leadership both at work and in the community. At JB, Mindful means having a deeper purpose. It’s FOR YOU because you want to leave the world better than you found it.




To be Empowered at work is, perhaps, one of the greatest, most confidence-inducing states of being. All JB colleagues take pride in their mission, their clients and our firm. We undergird them with ample resources and support needed to operate at their respective bests, and offer every person a blend of autonomy and teamwork. Our experience also tells us that growth comes in the form of new ideas and new ideas aren’t limited by experience. That’s why every person in every position across our organization can be heard on key issues by all levels of management. Our transparent performance reporting processes are clear and promote healthy collaboration and problem solving. And, we never miss an opportunity to celebrate a job well done. At JB, Empowered is synonymous with thriving. It’s FOR YOU because you’re working for more than a paycheck.


Think JB FOR ME may be FOR YOU?

If you have been looking for a reputable firm to build or advance your career with that will, likewise, invest in you, we invite you to learn more about joining our team.

For more information about our firm’s culture initiatives, direct your inquiry to our Firm Culture Committee. The Firm Culture Committee, like all committees of Jimerson Birr, is comprised solely of staff members from all levels of the organization. The purpose of the Committee is to preserve and champion the culture that has evolved at our firm, which we wholeheartedly believe has fueled our success. Through regular feedback mechanisms and regular engagement with the staff, the Committee’s mission is to ensure we always live up to our promises and the high expectations we set for ourselves.

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