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Monthly Archives: June 2016

Recovery of Attorneys’ Fees – Part III: Common Law Exceptions that Provide for the Recovery of Attorneys’ Fees

June 3, 2016 Professional Services Industry Legal Blog

This blog post is part III in a series of blogs posts discussing the recovery of attorneys’ fees. Part I explored some considerations in the recovery of attorneys’ fees when the recovery is by virtue of a contractual provision. Part II discussed the statutory entitlement to fees and issues related to entitlement. This blog post will discuss common law exceptions to the general rule that generally requires a contractual or statutory basis for the recovery of attorneys’ fees. Specifically, this blog post will discuss four general common law exceptions that may provide a basis for the recovery of attorneys’ fees: (1) wrongful act doctrine; (2) inequitable conduct doctrine; (3) creation of a common fund; and (4) attempt to preserve assets in a trust.

Vendor’s Checklist When a Customer Files for Bankruptcy

June 1, 2016 Banking & Financial Services Industry Legal Blog

Many vendors have had the unfortunate experience of a customer filing for bankruptcy. If it hasn’t happened to you yet, it probably will at some point in the future. There are certain steps a vendor should (or must) take to protect itself and maximize its opportunity to collect any debts owed by the customer. Vendors that take advantage of these protections can maximize recoveries, better preserve their positions in their dealings with the debtor, and avoid pitfalls inherent in the bankruptcy process. Vendors, and their attorneys, should use this checklist and take immediate action when a customer files for bankruptcy.

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