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The Business Judgment Rule: A Shield for Community Association Board Members and Directors

July 19, 2018 Community Association Industry Legal Blog

Disputes between community associations and their members are common.  These disputes may evolve into lawsuits.  In some instances, the plaintiffs in these lawsuits attempt to hold the directors or officers personally liable for damages.  Luckily for the directors and officers, the business judgment rule shields them from personal liability, unless they breach a fiduciary duty.

Community Association Hurricane Season Preparedness: What to do Before a Hurricane Hits Your Association

June 1, 2018 Community Association Industry Legal Blog

Another Florida hurricane season kicks off on the first of June.  Is your community association prepared?  Many condominium associations around the State are still recovering from a lack of hurricane preparedness before last year’s season.  Do not let this happen to your community association this year!  Understand your emergency powers […]

2018 Legislative Changes to the Florida Homeowners’ Association Act

May 1, 2018 Community Association Industry Legal Blog

On March 23, 2018, Governor Rick Scott signed into law the 2018 legislative changes to the Florida Homeowners’ Association Act.  These changes become law on July 1, 2018.  This blog post provides a detailed summary of these statutory amendments affecting Florida’s homeowners’ associations: Official Records: Excludes from the official records […]

Paying for Emergency Repairs to Florida Condominiums

November 10, 2017 Community Association Industry Legal Blog, Construction Industry Legal Blog

Florida is synonymous with condominium living as a way of life. It’s also synonymous with hurricanes. Hurricanes have largely shaped Florida’s construction industry in that the building code is shaped and modeled after the building of structures that can withstand the storms.  The building code creates certain high wind zones […]

2017 Legislative Update for Florida’s Community Association Laws: Part II

August 9, 2017 Community Association Industry Legal Blog

The 2017 legislative amendments to the Condominium Act and Homeowners Association Act are substantial.  On July 1st, the 2017 amendments to the Florida Statutes affecting community associations became effective.   This post is Part II (click here for part I) in a three-part blog series detailing these legislative amendments and focuses […]

Case Law Update: What a Recent Appellate Decision can Tell Associations Seeking Their Attorney’s Fees for Litigation

July 26, 2017 Community Association Industry Legal Blog

Florida’s Third District Court of Appeals recently handed down a decision in the matter of Gonzalez v. Int’l Park Condominium I Association, Inc. that is instructive for associations and their attorneys when associations become involved in litigation and seek payment of their fees from the home or unit owner. The […]

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