Land Use and Zoning Law

Municipalities utilize zoning for organizing residential, commercial and industrial districts (or zones) in such a way so that use is reasonably uniform, and each is separated from one another. That’s where it gets interesting, as the restrictions within each of the three types of zones can be extremely detailed, and potentially confusing. Everything from size and height of structures, type or usage of building, the number of rooms, where utility service connects, amount of frontage space, capacity of occupants, parking spaces (both regular and handicapped), and much more is considered. Not only that, but there is dramatic variability between different cities, counties and States. Therefore, a successful land use and zoning law attorney has a firm grasp of each area’s environmental considerations, future growth trends and political sensitivities so they can provide competent advocacy on behalf of a client.

Land Use And Zoning Law In Practice

Land development, real estate, construction and government organizations invest a lot in creating comprehensive plans which aspire to create thriving, efficient and harmonious community expansion. Clients should have a seat at the table when those discussions and negotiations begin, so that decisions aren’t made which could inadvertently hurt their business interests. Jimerson Birr lawyers advocate from the beginning of this master planning, helping to ensure informed decisions are made by the parties at work, without missing important information during the process.

These are just a sample of the many actions Jimerson Birr can take on a client’s behalf:

  • Litigating limits on controversial zoning regulations, including spot zoning
  • Clarifying the scope and limits of a municipality’s ability to regulate land use
  • Advocating for re-zoning or specific land use designations
  • Representing clients in eminent domain disputes of fragile environments
  • Drafting or reviewing restrictive covenants or provisions for limiting or prohibiting the use of property

For more information about our practice, or to discuss your legal matters with a Jimerson Birr attorney who thoroughly understands land use and zoning law, contact our offices today.